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Totally free E-Commerce Internet site Utilizing Google Sites and PayPal

I begun off with the purpose of creating a website that has no on likely prices, minimum transaction charges and small upkeep. The preference of acquiring all attributes built-in into the one website? or do I regulate the website and allow a third social gathering do the financial transactions? protection is a key to answering this dilemma, a third social gathering will be my choice. First of all I did allot of study into totally free web hosting methods, gains, protection and a hundred% uptime. The list acquired down to a several, I analyzed them and determined on Google sites which ticked all the packing containers. The major downside is also an gain, it locks down allot of code, creating it more durable to implement heaps of attributes but improves protection immensely.

I have determined on my web hosting, now glance at payment techniques. The customer would have to be redirected to a safe website, the details passed amongst my website and the searching cart experienced to be minimum as this can be hijacked or transformed. I looked at allot of great Java and php primarily based searching carts but in the close, all continue to despatched throughout code that could effortlessly be transformed by someone intelligent ample. PayPal and Google Checkout are the major players, staying in a Australia, Google Checkout was dominated out so I worked with PayPal.

Google sites is really straightforward use, initially you give the website a name, opt for a template and enjoy all-around with the formatting a bit. Add a photograph of the product you want to promote, then put it in the back again of your mind for a bit, we now head around to PayPal.

Produce on your own a PayPal account and adjust the account form to Company at PayPal presents you the choice of creating pre-designed buttons that are connected to your account and mainly because no dollar total or numbers of merchandise passes amongst the sites, it is really safe.

Building a PayPal Button:

Profile >> My Saved Buttons >> Produce New Button

Decide on Certainly develop an “Add to Cart” button.

Give the product a name, if you have numerous of the same merchandise, incorporate an product range.

Choose a cost

Further Solutions:
Postage Bodyweight or Postage value for that product.
Observe Inventory, PayPal can prevent people buying merchandise if you operate out of inventory.

After the button has been established, choose the tab e-mail, copy the code and keep this for afterwards.

Go back again to your Google sites web site and add an image that your likely to use as the “add to cart” button. This can be the one delivered previously by PayPal or you can opt for to make your personal image. Make sure you satisfied with the measurement, Google sites presents you the choice of small, medium or significant, but if you want something various, it can be transformed in the HTML code choice.

choose the image, then click up the top on the url button. This is where you url your button to the PayPal, opt for url to external website and paste in the PayPal url you saved from previously.

My finished end result is:

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