Sorting And Recycling Equipment And Solutions

Shredders are offered in 0315, 0305 and 0304 models in a number of configurations for destroying rotational HDDs solely, SSD only and combo model for both HDDs and SSDs. Model 0315 shreds as much as 90 enterprise rotational HDDS and as much as 120 strengths of matrimonial sites rotational SSDs per hour whereas Models 0305 and 0304 can shred as much as 800 HDDs/1,200 SSDs and 1,four hundred HDDs/2,000 SSDs per hour, respectively. These models provide remaining particle starting from 1.5 to 0.75 in.

Used extensively for sorting and separating heavy and medium grade combined media product in waste streams such as are generally found in the Scrap Metal and Auto Shredder salvage industries. Magnetic drum separation equipment has been round strengths of on the web occupation search sites for a while and is a trusted reliable piece of recycling – scrap steel restoration tools, readily installed into any product stream. Magnetic drums perform optimally and without maintenance for a few years.

STEINERT Magnetic drums are strong and will be mounted above a product stream or underneath a conveyor belt, magnetic drums are an important part of most major sorting and separation processes in a recycling or restoration plant processing operations. STEINERT Eddy Current feature an operator tuneable eccentric pole system that expertly separates non ferrous metals right down to effective grained fractions of a high degree of purity, preserving the worth of recovered product. Our prices are so low that the Manufacturer will not enable us to advertise them. As a consequence, we can’t present you the price on this page. At STEINERT, you can find the proper product from our broad assortment, or work together with our experts to develop a custom-made resolution.

The new line of Dahle CleanTEC paper and media shredders are essentially the most superior shredders ever manufactured. The CleanTEC namesake is derived from the brand new air and dust filtration system which removes ninety eight% of the nice mud that’s created from paper, cd-rom or dvd materials, decreasing Indoor Air Pollution and improving air quality. In addition to the dust filtering system the brand new CleanTEC document shredders are at the pinnacle of the shredding meals chain.

SAFESHRED is a completely-secured, 75,000 sq. foot facility, which is monitored and videotaped by closed circuit cameras, 24 hours a day, one year a yr. We shred and recycle supplies from throughout Southern California and the United States, managing 65K tons of paper per 12 months from Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange Counties alone. Our five excessive-velocity shredding machines are cutting-edge, able to destroying all the things from paper and apparel to toys and electronic media – even turning onerous drives and different e-waste into extraordinarily small, fully unrecognizable fragments. Multiple machines permit us to course of your order the identical day with dependable backup on the rate of forty,000 pounds of supplies an hour!

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