Santa Monica Spin #4 – Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica Spin #4 - Santa Monica Pier, California

A wonderful late December evening at the Santa Monica Pier close to LA. The homeowners want to use my pictures for their marketing brochures and so on. But view out! Read through on for the information. No HDR!

Free of charge wallpaper for about a hundred of my images in 6 various monitor measurements is now obtainable!

See the 1200 pixel variation to see the folks seeing!…

Settings and so on.:

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 24-105L @forty
6-next publicity @F13
LEE delicate ND grad (100x150mm) .nine (two filters would create reflections with these lights)
Lee basis kit filter holder with Lee 77mm adapter ring
No polarizer.
ISO fifty
Modest Slik tripod with Manfrotto pistol grip ball head
Uncooked file processed with Seize A single by Phase A single
TIFF file processed with Photoshop

The Tale

If you ever decide to sell shots of this place, or any other isolated non-public house, make positive to come across out what their copyright rules are! Given that this place is featured so often in movies and marketing, the Pacific Park organization costs a fee if you would like to make a income from images of their house. I observed this out following they contacted me and wished to use my shots, so we came to an arrangement. ……..Aargh, I should really have held out for free of charge rides on the wheel… oh well…. hehe!

Procedures get a lot more murky when you choose a picture of a skyline complete of buildings, lots of of which might be thought of non-public house. But in a scenario like this, there is just a person most important topic.

I liked the organization of Jim Patterson and Kendra Karr and we experienced a superior outing.

— The exact wheel data as provided in #three. —

This is the new wheel that was installed following the outdated a person was marketed on eBay for US $132,400 to an Oklahoma developer sight unseen! See this picture with the outdated wheel for a lot more data. This is a extremely high-tech wheel with programmable lights that can create patterns and images. Also, it is powered by the solar panels you see in entrance of the wheel.

The superior news is that the wheel alterations colors and patterns each and every number of seconds. So each and every shot appears to be like entirely various it appears to be. The bad news is that you only get about 10 minutes in which the light-weight is even adequate to get a decent publicity throughout the entire frame. That is the short period of time when the lights are brilliant, but not way too brilliant and there is light-weight in the sky. The other bad news is that it takes about 7 minutes to fill up the wheel with passengers in advance of it spins two or three instances and then stops yet again. So I truly only bought a number of minutes throughout the entire evening in which the wheel was in motion and the light-weight was superior at the exact time. Nonetheless, I managed to get a number of pleasant kinds!

Many thanks goes out to Jim for preserving my water footwear from a hazard-filled trans-Pacific voyage initiated by a swiftly increasing tide!


Google Earth

Basically the finest way to scout out spots that there is. You can see solar angles and pre-visualize light-weight under loads of various conditions. Often you can basically pre-compose your pictures! This has saved me lots of countless numbers of vertical feet of climbing by avoiding spots with blocked sights and so on.

Satellite imagery (opt for ‘National’ for a local US area or use your fave site)

Tide charting and preditions: (chose your place in US, other nations around the world have identical internet websites)

Wave Heights (I opt for ‘North Pacific from Global’) important_int.html
Or Here:

Shots of each and every inch of the California shoreline from a tiny aircraft. Great for shut in in-depth sights.

The map exhibits specifically in which this is. It is an uncomplicated hike from the parking great deal.

See my Flickr profile for a hyperlink to my newly intended site.

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