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Link Making: Bouncing Google PageRank Again to Your World wide web Site with Squidoo

Below is one highly effective way you can integrate Squidoo and very similar forms of internet sites into your search engine optimization and advertising marketing campaign. This strategy, which I am referring to as “bouncing,” is seem for any of the significant lookup engines due to the fact they all choose links into account when rating internet sites.

In a nutshell, this is the method of linking to a higher PageRank internet site that also links back again to your internet site. The reason is to assist Google or an additional lookup motor spider discover the site, so that it can then discover the hyperlink back again to your site. It almost certainly seems much like hyperlink swapping, but we are generally concerned with specific forms of internet sites exactly where we handle the method of putting a hyperlink back again to our internet site.

This system functions with social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Digg, as properly as sites like Squidoo that allow for you to write-up HTML information. Social bookmarking has incredible electrical power if you systematically bookmark higher good quality information on your internet site. If your information is fantastic sufficient, you can develop your links exponentially.

The remainder of this post will deal with Squidoo. It allows you make web pages (identified as “lenses” in Squidoo terminology) with links to just about anything you want, and you have comprehensive handle of the information on people web pages. Google indexes and ranks Squidoo web pages with much enthusiasm, and the site’s property site has a quite higher PageRank. Particular other web pages in Squidoo, such as lists of tags, also tend to have higher PageRank.

Don’t forget, PageRank is spread from site to site through links (until the links are “nofollow” links). Squidoo tags web pages, which are web pages that checklist key phrases people have used to categorize their Squidoo lenses, can have higher PageRank values. The tags web pages hyperlink to a checklist of web pages that use people tags, with people web pages in transform linking to the Squidoo lenses that use people tags. So PageRank can be handed from the tags site, to a checklist of sites, to your Squidoo lens. You can then area a hyperlink on your Squidoo lens to your internet site. Your Squidoo lenses will also have a checklist of tags which hyperlink to the tags web pages.

So the “bouncing” referred to earlier mentioned refers to the method of putting a hyperlink from your internet site or blog to your Squidoo lens (or an additional Squidoo site), so that lookup motor spiders can make their way from your internet site to Squidoo and back again to your internet site, at which issue you ideally select up some PageRank handed back again from Squidoo.

If your most important site is not indexed in Google or in an additional unique lookup motor, then this system does not function. The lookup motor wants to discover your site to start out with, until it finds your Squidoo lens to start with and finds your site that way, which would be fantastic but not seriously a “bounce.” Your Google rankings will increase as you bounce lookup motor spiders to other internet sites, only to have them bounce correct back again, passing PageRank along with them.

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